Blog – For the passionate ones

Do you have professional passion? Something that you are willing to sacrifice a lot for, because the alternatives are simply not an option?  

Last week I met Pauline. She is the chef Les Linottes, a fantastic restaurant in Tours in the Loire area. If you are ever in the area, go over there. She also cooks gluten free and pure (that’s my ultimate test). Pauline is around 40 years old and mother of 2 children. She started her career in a renowned restaurant in Paris. There she was part of a big team and worked day and night. Literally. Sometimes the team didn’t even go home to sleep. To me it sounded like the worst workplace ver: work-work-work. And still she did it with pleasure: because cooking is her passion. Then she got pregnant with…[Read more]

Blog – After 20 years of loyal service

She worked more than 20 years for that employer and it had been 20 reasonably good years. Some of them more pleasant than others. But all in all she was satisfied. She could and had to travel a lot and work long days. But that was fascinating. She could meet people, anywhere in the world, and discover new things, think about complex problems. She raised her children at the same time. That wasn’t always easy but it was worthwhile, the job as well as the children. And that was allowed to ask some sacrifices. Until she was asked to change her position. It seemed interesting. Trying something new. Learning new things. It was however far away from the knowledge she had and in that way a bit of a guess: she built her CV for that new part but not anymore for the old part. Unfortunately the collaboration turned out to be a bust. She tried to make the best of it. Because 20 years of service is not something you just throw away. Then she got fired. After…[Read more]

Blog – Stop beating yourself up

During the Easter holiday I went to the seaside with my family for 3 days. We all needed that: it had been busy. Yes, despite recent articles that only losers are ‘busy’, I still dare to say it out loud. We needed… [Read more]

New team members in Stokrooie and Blaasveld – Welcome Nathalie Surmont and Nathalie Tuch! 

We welcome Nathalie Surmont and Nathalie Tuch to our team.
Nathalie Surmont coaches passionate men and women to realize their ambitions, professionally as well as personally. She works in Blaasveld (Willebroek). [Read more]
Nathalie Tuch has over 15 years experience in communications, human resources and coaching. Since one year she started to build her own coaching practice in Stokrooie (Hasselt). [Read more]

What we do

Make me Fly! helps active professionals to rediscover what they love and like, what they are good at and how they can find the job and create the life they desire. We offer career coaching (VDAB cheques), in-company coaching, inplacement and outplacement.

Our working method is radically different! We tailor your program to your needs in an innovative and result-oriented way, without you needing hours and hours to prepare homework or tests that will only confirm what you already know. We work on what you didn’t know yet.

Enjoy Make me Fly! training at 40% funding with KMO-Portefeuille

If you qualify for KMO-Portefeuille  you can receive up to 40% funding for advice, the VIP track  and our trainings. Contact us  for more info!


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