Hello, my name is Rilla Lysens.

For over 15 years I have been active in the field of communication, HR and coaching. In other words: people are my business, but most of all my passion. I am married, mother of three daughters (Fran °2009, Sien °2012 en Nell °2014), HR consultant, and entrepreneur. I am a certified coach specialized in “Solution Focus Coaching” (Il faro), “Inspiring Coaching” by Jef Clement; Stress&Burn-out Coaching (HR Academy) and Life/Career/Family Coaching (Inge Rock). I studied communications (Bachelor) and HR (Master). Life is a juggling act, it is a constant struggle to keep all the balls in the air. There are times where you may feel like dropping one to keep the others going, and there are times where you may feel like dropping them all and start the act over…From that experience I coach people on stress and burnout, I am a guide for young professionals who (try to) combine work and family life and I help people with their search in the area of (energy in) job and career.

From my background in communication and HR I strongly believe in human capital. Each individual is able to get the best out of themselves. I believe that everyone has what it takes to bloom.  Sometimes they just need someone to help them grow. Working with teams is my passion. How do you create teams that will lift each other to a higher level? What is sustainable and coaching leadership? How do you, as a leader, make sure that you get result and that your employees are happy? In organisations I believe in the “people to people” principle: sustainable employability and worksatisfaction are the responsibility of the employer and the employee. Through these two channels I enthusiastically build more worksatisfaction for all sides.

I coach in a fair, unbiased, discreet and pleasant way. I focus on making a mental shift to find a solution that is results-oriented and that fits the persons values. It’s that positive, stimulating and result-driven approach that connects me to Make me Fly!

“Your mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open” (Frank Zappa)

See you soon!


2018: Coaching: from perfectionism to optimalism
2017: Insights discovery certified trainer and coach (Insights Academy)
2016: solution focus coaching (IlFaro)
2015: stress- and burnout coach (HRD Academy)
2014: master certified coach (center for selfmanagement)
2013: inspired coaching, year long training (center for selfmanagement)
2007: master in HR (VLEKHO)
2001: bachelor in communication (XIOS)



+32 474 32 46 63
Brusselsestraat 190, 3000 Leuven

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