What you pay attention to grows

“What you pay attention to grows”, Aristotle said more than two centuries ago. He discovered that everything in nature has potential or possibilities. This principle forms the base of solution-focus coaching, and we use it daily in our practice.

Sometimes we encounter people who have had a bad experience with a coach or a therapist. And who wonder if it actually helped them. Take Mark for example, whose previous coach gave him an exercise where he had to write down everything that bothered him at his job. He filled 7 (seven!) pages… and nothing changed. It didn’t make him any happier or better. Quite the opposite. Everything you pay attention to grows. And so his frustrations only got bigger.

Or take Sofie, who was constantly told everything that she did wrong and all the problems and limitations that she brought with her to her job. No matter how hard she tried, she was never good enough. It seemed like her supervisor enjoyed making her feel small. This completely destroyed her self-confidence until she decided to find the most simple job she could possibly do. Because she believed, it was all she was capable of. Luckily she found her way to career coaching in time. She realized that she has a lot of talents and qualities and it gave her the courage and strength to look for another job.

We like to refer to these two examples as ‘drama llama’. A drama llama is someone who enjoys drama, preferably other people’s. Sometimes during coaching people end up in a downwards spiral, where the drama only ends up getting bigger and bigger, think back to Mark’s story. Supervisors can be drama llama’s as well, that was the case with Sofie.

But luckily there’s another way. Solution focus coaching is a positive and powerful way to realize changes within people, teams and organizations. We don’t make our clients dig into all the misery they’ve encountered on the way to figure out where it went wrong. No drama llama in our practice, cause it hardly helps anyone move forward and we it definitely doesn’t make us happy. Instead we look for talents and possibilities.

We help you clarify your wishes, dreams and goals. Together we’ll discover your talents and strengths and we’ll also help you gain more insights into your pitfalls and where it sometimes goes wrong. So that you can grow as a human, your self-confidence get boosted and you can take realistic decisions that fit with the live you want to lead. We’ll coach you, step by step, in the right direction. Because we believe that everyone has the possibilities and capacities to get where they want to be. Sometimes you just need a coach to give you that tiny push in the right direction. In that case we are here for you.

And our drama llama sits on our closet, for decorative purposes. Cause we must admit he looks rather cute.


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