Trends, perspectives and above all, lots of wishes!

Imagine that… we had a crystal ball… what would we see next year? Well, we’ll never know. Because we don’t have a crystal ball. We did notice some trends last year. Maybe you noticed them too?

We noticed that people are increasingly thinking about the purpose of their work and their life. Of course we see these people in a higher percentage than the average population. Making sense of, being useful in society, making a difference, these are main things why people come to us for career coaching. And that made us happy! We received so many messages of people who took matters into their own hands again, who were once again happy with what they were doing. Who felt competent and who knew why they were getting out of bed in the morning. We don’t have the magical formula to be and to stay happy for 100% of your life. But we do admire everyone who took their future into their own hands!

We also noticed that managers who attended our leadership trainings, were genuinely motivated to become better at motivating and mentoring their employees. It’s a concern that we know and share, we tried to give them as many practical, real-life ways to keep their employees and themselves happy. We don’t have the formula to get to that 100% but we do admire them for their willingness to try!

We noticed that the employees of the organizations were we gave training last year, were eager to learn. To knowing (more), being able to do more, being and staying more competent. We enthusiastically gave sessions about building resilience, dealing with emotions, assertiveness and self-confidence, time- and project management, better teamwork with Insights Discovery,… We don’t have the magical formula for cooperation, time management, self-confidence… but we do admire them because they know that life long learning is the way to a happy and sustainable time at work!

We noticed that organizations and companies came to us with questions about maximizing happiness at work, sustainable employability and overall well-being of their employees. That made us very happy! Another trend that we keep noticing is that our companies know that people make their own choices and will do anything to go after what feels right for them. And if their ways should part, it will be for the right reasons, for both parties. But moreover: they work everyday to create an ecosystem that shows employees and managers why they want to give the best of themselves. While still being healthy and happy. Because people are people, not machines. Some companies, like het Regionaal Ziekenhuis Heilig Hart Leuven and the Medisch Centrum voor Huisartsen, took the lead with our company with bliss label!. We don’t have the magical formula for burn-out free companies, but we admire companies that invest in people, not just as resources, but as human beings!

We noticed that the Make me Fly!-team did all of this with full conviction and they’ll keep doing just that. Because your happiness truly comes first. That’s what we want to wish you: a year filled with beautiful moments, human warmth, chances to learn, resilience to bounce back from the difficult times. We wish you peace, adventure, excitement, love, fulfilment, result, clarity, connection, drive… as much as you want in 2020!  

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