On VIP Career Coaching

After 2 weeks I had a first follow-up conversation, from this it seemed that I was perfectly on schedule and had put steps in the right direction. After each follow-up call I got more excited to go for it. The confirmation that I was on the right track was an extra motivation to fully go for it. The result was that at the end of my coaching track I could start in a new function in a new company.

I learned to delegate and ask for help in order to free time to focus on my project and my stakeholders which helps me do a better job at work, as well as enhancing my career. Focus = result!

My VIP day with Els was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it.
I walked through her office door convinced that I needed a change in my professional life, but lost as to what this change should be or where to start finding the answer. Els made me reflect on my past constructively, helped me listen to myself and discover what is truly important to me. I had a lot of fun and left her office full of advice, positive energy, and concrete actions to start a new stage of my career. In the follow-up calls Els encouraged me to transform the first steps into a clear action plan, and supported me to embrace the change with confidence.     With generosity and intelligence Els succeeded in helping me look beyond my clouds and clearly see the horizon of my next career move. I am ready to fly! and am really grateful to Els.

On the training Office politics for women

Els Van Aerschot, CEO TinC
The training was incredibly enjoyable. Els could feel very well what different people needed and she knew how to put herself in the shoes of the group. She created a positive and light atmosphere which made the training day fly by. I received useful tips that are applicable in my work and Els is an incredible trainer! My personal goal was to be able to better communicate with my team and the people in my network. It was my goal to better communicate and I reached that. I’m better at assessing the behavior of people, especially when it comes to conflicts. In addition I received knowledge about how to handle different kinds of people. Els’ approach is contagious, enthusiastic and at the same time to the point.

Useful tips
to deal with people who have different goals and different styles. In addition I can see more clearly now what my own goals are and what my own kind of style is. It’s definitely worth your time. I learned a lot about myself and how to deal with others. 

Annick Hayen, Stafmedewerker Onderwijsontwikkeling, Hasselt University
This training lives up to it’s potential because there is a trusting atmosphere where everything can and nothing has to be done. It helps to make certain things about yourself more explicit and it hands you a new, fresh perspective on your co-workers and how to use these new insights in the most optimal way. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to break out of the organization and take a fresh look at their own job.

Sofie Damen, OCMW Secretaris
The approach of the 7 Vices™ trainer and working with the actress allowed me to observe the conversations of those around me. I received insight in certain mechanisms and confirmation that communication can be no-nonsense and warm at the same time. The enthusiasm from the trainer is contagious.

On the e-book: “Reinventing yourself in 10 steps

Hanne Van Houtte, redacteur HR, Kluwer
I just finished reading your e-book: what a jewel. I’m absolutely not surprised.
Just like in your first book you manage to bring a strong and inspiring message in an incredibly fun manner: the typical Els-way. Effortlessly and intelligently written, filled with quotes, the kind you print out and hang above your desk because you know that you’ll really feel better when you’ll read them every day. With lively anecdotes from your own personal and professional life which touch your heart because they are so recognizable – with me and others. And the cherry on the pie: some Aha-erlebnis moments which encourage taking action. Well done – congratulations.

Karla Van Loock
A few days ago I downloaded your e-book. With a lot of pleasure and moments of recognition with the cases used to illustrate the chapters, I finished the whole book in the blink of an eye. It was so relevant and positive that I immediately recommended it to some friends who are at this moment recovering from a burnout.

Volg Make me Fly!

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