Terms and conditions ‘7 weeks to reinvent your career’

Following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Enrollment fees are due payable in full before the start of the course.
  2. Once you start in the program fees are not refundable. If you miss a session, you have access to the replay.
  3. All materials, presentations, models, worksheets, video and audio material used during the course are intellectual property of Elsewhere Consulting – Make me Fly! and can’t be used for any other purpose than to educate yourself. No copying allowed.
  4. Under no circumstances the training format or related materials can be used for commercial purposes or sold to third parties.
  5. By enrolling into the program you will also be included in the mailing list of Make me Fly!. You can unsubscribe at any given moment.
  6. Your data are safe with us. We will never trade, sell or pass them on to anyone else.

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