Pillar 3: Healthy, Sustainable Work

In this final section, we stress the importance of working in a healthy and sustainable way. To accomplish this, our offer includes career managementsessions for ages 50 and upstress management and outplacement.

Below are some of the possible programs.

Living and Working Abundantly After 50
In this workshop, participants get insights into the specific challenges concerning employment that are regularly posed to those over 50 years old, as well as a concrete, enthusing vision on the future of their age-bracket’s career. Not only that, but they also get to discover how to modulate energy and bliss, and how to communicate about both aspects of their working life with their environment.

Make Your Own Resilience Recipe!
During this workshop, participants get a holistic look on resilience, stress factors, and how one can “feed” oneself in calm and turbulent times. They create their own “resilience recipe” by choosing personal ingredients.

Full Bliss Ahead!
This session helps participants realise what it is that motivates them, what they need to be at top-level efficiency and happiness, what supplies them with energy and what their recipe for success looks like. How does one optimaly utilise one’s talent? This session is expandable with both individual sessions and the “My Professional Portrait” program.

My Professional Portrait
In this session, participants may discover how exactly their life and work form a single whole, what their talents and transferrable skills are, which strengths and weaknesses they possess, what their long-term professional dreams are and how their talents can be most effective. This is also expandable with individual guiding (e.g. through career cheques).

Lastly, those who’ve had to leave their job position can be supported too, namely through outplacement programs. More information on this topic, as well as our offers on outplacement, can be found here.

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