Pillar 1: Personal Effectiveness

In this section, we offer you an elaborate and varied program of expandable sessions (be it individually, or be it in group) concerning personal effectiveness. The focus in this pillar mainly lies on increasing resilience, keeping energy level, scheduling efficiently, dealing with everchanging situations etc …
Below are some of the possible programs.

Make Your Own Resilience Recipe!
During this workshop, participants get a holistic look on resilience, stress factors, and how one can “feed” oneself in calm and turbulent times. They create their own “resilience recipe” by choosing personal ingredients.

Resiliently Dealing With Change
The world is constantly changing, which costs lots of people more energy than needed. During this workshop, participants learn how change affects them and how they can deal with it in an energy-efficient way. They learn to talk about what gets to them and how they can constructively communicate about their needs with their environment.

If I Just Had 5 Minutes…
During this workshop, participants learn to make the separation between main- and side issues, between themselves and their work, and between important and urgent. They will be handed the basic principles of a calming planning, and tips & tricks to manage time effectively.

Spider Webs and Saboteurs
Throughout the day, we have thoughts wandering around in our minds. Oftentimes, we let the thoughts take us away, making us assume them to be true. During this workshop, participants get to know their spider webs and saboteurs, and receive insights in how they see both the current world and their future.

In Good Shape Inside Your Head: Train Agile Thinking
During this workshop, mental muscles are put to action. We pay attention to the power of helping thoughts, focus etc., and participants will receive golden advice for strengthening their mental health.

Parenting and Work
Because of parenthood, people’s perspective on life often changes drastically. On one hand, a parent learns how to take care of children, and practically reorganize their everyday activities; on the other, a parent’s view on their future life and career may change as well. What might’ve seemed to be important in the past, could be viewed as being futile in the present, and vice-versa. How does a newly-turned mum or dad sustain as much as possible, as well as possible? How do all those new activities fit into a day which still only counts 24 hours? How can one enjoy both a career and parenthood? Participants get answers to such questions during this workshop, both in general and for themselves specifically.

Sell Your No, Push Through Your Yes! The Subtle Art of Assertive Influencing
Do you hear yourself saying “yes”, when you’d actually meant to say “no”? Do you find it’s difficult for you to resist pressure from your environment? How does one persuade colleagues, customers or principals to go for one’s “yes”? During this workshop, we try to get to the bottom of assertiveness, with the addition of a bit of office politics. The workshop serves to teach you how to combine the right choice with the right insight into the political field of power (and, sometimes, pitfalls). This way, participants learn how to subtly push through their “yes”, whilst confidently selling their “no”, adding to an employee’s intrinsic market value.

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