Make me Fly! organizes training sessions tailored to the needs of your company, as well as ones open to everyone.

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In-company Training

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Pillar 1: Personal Effectiveness

Pillar 2: Interpersonal Effectiveness 

Pillar 3: Healthy, Sustainable Work 

Throughout our sessions, we continuously implement the concept of blended learning: that is, we combine live sessions with individual guiding and attention to further supervision. Therefore, we grant permanent access to an online platform with training resources and (if applicable) elaborating videos.
We work according to the principles of High Impact Learning that Lasts by Filip Dochy (HILL).
This is our guarantee:
  • We’ll teach you relevant theory that you will immediately be able to put into practice in your own reality. We do this by stimulating discussion and interaction, applied in practice.
  • We stimulate hybrid learning: you’ll get access to video material, in addition to the course material.
  • Working in a learning trajectory significantly heightens the impact of our training. By planning a reunion that offers elaboration on the previous sessions, participants may objectively reflect on their progress – both the good and the bad.
  • We only work with participants who want to work with us. Compulsory training usually leads to negative results
  • The participant is made co-responsible for their own learning process.

Better Cooperation Through Insights

Open offers

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