Elke Spinnewyn, digitale organisatiecoach, las ons nieuwe boek en schreef een mooie book review van Content! in het Journal of Solution Focused Practices.

Elke schrijft: “What struck me as I read the book was that Els and Rilla are not ladies who like long and boring talks. They go straight to the point. And this is exactly what fits in with the principles of solution-focused work. As a reader you are only a few pages into the book when you are immediately invited to reflect on several aspects of your life by use of the scaling question. The book is not only a reading book but also a real workbook. There is no escape from really getting to work.”

“The book is particularly suitable for people who want to take the next step in their lives. The book gives readers concrete handles and invites them to get started right away. Each chapter consists of a piece of theory built around the
principles of solution-focused work, combined with practical cases and exercises you can apply immediately. It almost feels as if I am sitting in Rilla and Els’ coach’s chair!”

Lees hier de volledige book review van Content! in het journal of solution focused practices.

Content! Els Deboutte Rilla Lysens Simpele Oplossingen voor een leven vol geluk boek
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