FREE Webinar – “Office Politics, I play the game and feel no shame!” @ Online event
Sep 16 @ 18:00 – 18:50
FREE Webinar - "Office Politics, I play the game and feel no shame!" @ Online event

with Ellen Söentken, creator of The 7 Vices™

Who’s afraid of office politics? – Like it or not, office politics are part of our professional lives and influence the way we work, the opportunities we have, the rewards we are given. Office politics is about influencing and being influenced, it’s about impact. Just like you learned how to work your computer or to motivate a team, it’s a skill that can be learned!!! There’s whole libraries written about the political game from a male perspective. That’s why Ellen Söentken developed her 7 Vices of Female Managers model especially with women and men dynamics in mind. Register to join and to enjoy our THE LIMITED OFFER!

“Hoera Ontslag!” – Boekenbabbel door Rilla Lysens @ Make me Fly!
Aug 24 @ 19:00 – 21:00

Auteur en loopbaancoach Rilla Lysens vertelt over hoe je na ontslag een nieuwe richting kan vinden en waarom je helemaal niet hoeft te wachten tot het te laat is om je loopbaan nieuw leven in te blazen.


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