I have to, I want to

, I’m correcting myself and change having to by wanting to in my head. Have you ever tried this, choosing to change having to in wanting to? It really works.

About satisfaction, farts, drama and letting go

With our brain already a little bit in vacation modus we're working hard to finish the last things before we check out for the summer. I notice that from different angles around me there's already a more calm atmosphere and my mailbox receives a whole lot more 'out of...

What you pay attention to grows

“What you pay attention to grows”, Aristotle said more than two centuries ago. He discovered that everything in nature has potential or possibilities. This principle forms the base of solution-focus coaching, and we use it daily in our practice....

Make me Fly! helps employees and companies reach their full potential. Together we map out talents and dreams and look for ways to make them come true. Working with 100% enthusiasm, that’s our goal!

Employees & self-employed

Do you want to check your professional balance? Do you have any doubts? We would love to help you find some answers! Our career coaching and workshops are your place to start.


Do you want make your company a place where everybody feels good and where talents are being optimally used? Become a working with bliss company! Discover our tailored offer.


Not sure if your future lies in academia? Are you thinking about looking for other opportunities? Because acadmia is a world of it’s own we would like to work out an offer, tailored to your needs.

Make me Fly! offers career coaching (VDAB cheques), in-company coachingoutplacement, workshops and individual coaching.

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