Is it possible as an employer to keep your employees happy regardless of the continuing pressure inherent in health care jobs?

The Regional hospital Heilig Hart Leuven engages itself fully to this premise.
The hospital recently received the NIAZ-qualitylabel, an achievement that asked a lot of extra effort from their employees. “The label is a recognition for our effort and a confirmation to our patients, doctors and other referrers that they can trust in safe and qualitative care in our hospital. We will continue on this chosen road and hope to keep growing”, Katrien Van Greven, general director tells us.

“But excellent patientcare is only achievable because of the effort of motivated and supported employees”, says Sabine Verslegers, HR director. “Apart from the quality for the patient, we find it equally important that all our employees feel comfortabe in their skin, like doing their job and like working here”. To gauge this we recently organized an employee survey. This showed that 94% of the questioned likes doing his or her job and that 81% is generally satisfied with the hospital as their employer.

A hospital rises and falls wih the expertise and the satisfaction of the people who work there. To invigorate this goal our hospital joined forces with “Make me Fly!”, an organization specialised in working better (together) and in well-being at work. Together we focused on work satifsfaction and well-being of our employees. The past year we have actively invested in three pillars: sustainable employability, supporting well-being and promoting physical health. We worked on work- and life happiness for 50+. Managers were trained in giving, receiving and stimulating constructive feedback. For further evaluation and development of their physical condition employees could go to Sportpraktijk Heverlee to receive professional support.

The hospital is now being rewarded for these efforts and her engagement is crowned with the BLISS at work!™-label, that they will hold for 1 year.
With this recognition the hospital commits to being a workplace where people like to come (and stay) to work.

The official character of Bliss at work! is a colorful cupcake. Today the hospital also celebrated employee appreciation day with a foodtruck festival. All employees were treated to a delicious and relevant dessert, a yummie cupcake! 

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