What is outplacement?

Outplacement is career guidance offered to ex-employees who have been discharged. During the outplacement ex-employees are assisted in their search for a new job opporunity. There is also room to cope with their job loss and the possibility to discover the route to being self-employed. By offering outplacement you show that your company cares about their ex-employees and wishes that they encounter a new challenge at the earliest opportunity.  

Who is it meant for?

Outplacement is meant for employees who were discharged and who could benefit from guidance when looking for a new job. There are two scenarios where offering outplacement is legally compulsory:
  1. When an employee has a period of notice that lasts a minimum of 30 weeks and was fired without just cause
  2. When an employee is 45 years or older, has been working uninterrupted for your company for more than 1 year and was fired without just cause
In other cases you are free as an employer to decide whether or not you want to offer outplacement.  

What can you expect?

An outplacement guidance is an intensive trajectory that lasts multiple months. During this time, the ex-employee is being newly prepared to enter the jobmarket. During the session we take a closer look at his / her talents, wishes and expectations. We assemble a professional portrait and create a picture perfect resume and cover letter. We also emphasize strenghtening of resources so they’ll have renewable energy and trust when they enter the jobmarket. Our coaches are ready to assit with word and deed. In between sessions they are available to offer a soundboard or advice. So that after the outplacement the employee has all the tools to be succesful in his / her job search.  

Our trajectories?

At Make me Fly! we believe that people benefit from a combination of working methods. Our trajectories always contain a combination of indiviual sessions, group sessions, video lessons and mastermind sessions.

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