Hi, I’m Eefje

Since I was 12 years old I had a clear goal in mind: becoming a psychologist. As time passed the scientist in me gained the upper hand and I ended up studying Neuropsychology. I’m fascinated by human behavior. It’s the mechanics that underly this behavior that truly speak to me. Because of this looking for explanations, or better, for answers is my second nature. 

The words of Albert Einstein rang in my head: success comes from curiosity, perseverance, concentration and self criticism”. After a few years of working as a psychologist I wanted to broaden my horizon. My career led me from psychology, to HR and ultimately to starting my own business. Combining my different experiences and sharing these with others seems like the next logical step. And this brought me here, to coaching.  

I strongly believe in the power of people, even if they temporarily can’t see it themselves. How do I do that? Always without being judgy but instead with a healthy dose of humour, positivity, empathy and enthusiasm. People often forget that they are capable of much more than they think. I would love to help you discover your strenghts, so you can use them to get the answers you’re looking for. Dare to dream, dare to jump! 

My ‘credentials’:

  • Master of Science in Neuropsychology.
  • Study Positive Psychology in patients with chronic pain.
  • Psychology experience within psychotherapy and assessment in care (memory problems, brain trauma, behavioral problems, people with a disability) 
    HR experience in recruitment, HR consultancy, assessment. 
  • Training Enneagrams.
  • Training Duplomethod.
  • Bootcamp Make me Fly! certified coach.


    +32 472 101 392
    Vredestraat 6 – 3500 Hasselt 

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