When I got out of bed this morning I was greeted by a brightly shining sun. A sign that summer is about to really begin. And summer almost immediatly makes me think of vacation. Hopefully you will be able to take some time to fully recharge, so you’re able to return to work with a lot of ‘gusto’.

Vacation is also the perfect time to take some time to reflect. Am I still enjoying my job? How are my stress levels doing? If I could do or be anything I wanted, what would I do…? These are just some questions you can ask yourself. To help you get started with these questions we would like to offer you some vacation literature!

My free e-book “Reinventing yourself in 10 steps” will help you find ways to make sure that you’re living your best life. I wish you a joyful reading time!

Struggling to see if you’re on the right track? Career coaching with career cheques is available for employees and self-employed and entitles you to 4 hours of individual and professional coaching for only 40 euro! Get in touch, the intake is for free! 

Enjoy the sun, the summer and the well-deserved holiday

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