Hi, I’m Rebekka Schotte. Collaboration in all its formats and in different contexts fascinates me. I was lucky this was the main chunck of my work during my career. This allowed me to gather varied experience as a coach and mentor. At this moment, I’mworking in both the care sector as in the educational sector. As a team co-ordinator, I help my team members to discover and strengthen their talents.

I start from the solution focus philosophy and help you to discover what’s still or already working. Helping people to grow and develop this way is really my cup of tea. From my personal vision on lifelong learning I help you to discover and uncover your talents and drives. I look forward to rediscovering and reconnecting to what really matters to you, what’s really in the center of your life and personality. During our sessions, I’m your mirror. We’ll explore what makes you successful and how we can apply this to realizing your future dreams and expectations.

That’s what you can expect from me in our collaboration. I look forward to meeting you!



+32 (0)474 80 35 99
Hof van Montenaken 43 – 3078 Everberg

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