Hi, I’m Miet Leijssen. As a senior recruiter, trainer, HR Advisor and coach I gained over 10 years of experience at the recruitment side of the table. Now I feel it’s my mission to coach people to be at the other end of the table. I have an eye for talent and want to help you to (re)discover your talents and how you can make the most out of these. I’ll help you to get back at the steering wheel of your career and make conscious choices rather than rolling into something by chance. Let me share some secrets with you from my experience as a recruiter on how to create a winning cv or to score at a job interview. Finally, we’ll make a sound basis for your career based on your skill set.

My career also gave me the gift of meeting some boundaries. It made me wonder how I could create harmony between my work and the rest of my life, how I could deal with first signs of stress and burnout, how to survive in a strong political environment and how to decide if and how to network and create constructive collaborations with others around me. It challenged my self-confidence. It brought me insights that help me make better choices, it made me grow.

During this journey I came across the positive approach of Make me Fly!. I immediately knew this was my type of ecosystem, an atmosphere that I want to let you experience as well in my work as freelance coach. I’m positive and passionate about life and strongly in favor of an appreciative and solution focused approach. People like my enthusiasm, my drive and pragmatical and human approach.

A journey of a Thousand miles begins with one single step. Looking forward to ‘Miet’ you!



+32 478 99 79 35
Waversebaan 26, 3001 Heverlee

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