Hello! I’m Kirsten. To let people glow and grow, that’s my mission. That’s why I’m a career coach. I was  trained as a social worker, at that time already a conscious choice based on my passion for people. Since I graduated, I worked in the social sector as Labour Counsellor and HR Manager. It gave me the opportunity to get to know and coach people in different contexts: in volunteer work, in the workplace or in their quest for a job. I became an avid supporter of the appreciative approach: don’t focus on problems, focus on the possibilities! And I learned to discover possibilities in every human being (also when others no longer saw them). This is the experience I use in career coaching sessions.

We all have talent and I help you to discover and deploy it. I’m also convinced we always have choices. Not in the things that happen to us but in how we respond to them. A self-aware person can choose to act from the heart. And that’s not just a luxury in a society where work-life balance and burn-out became standard language. As mother of 3 + 1 I have experienced that you have to make choices because ‘everything’ is not an option. We are not born as Superwoman. After searching for my own talents, what gives me energy and what I want or didn’t want to do anymore, I made the choice to start as a freelance coach and trainer.

My approach is down-to-earth and focusses on what you can apply directly into your daily life. We create a positive image of your future and make a roadmap for actions in the here and now. So you can glow and grow!



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Hollestraat 32 – 3020 Veltem-Beisem

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