I’m Joëlle Fabri, “Jo” for the friends, “mams” for my sons and “mon coeur” for my husband.

At the end of secondary school, I had no clue what I wanted to become later in my professional life. So, I chose language studies, because it could give me access to many directions and it fed my need to connect with people and to discover new cultures.

After a first experience as an Assistant I found myself, by pure coincidence, working in a Human Resources Department. And suddenly it all became clear to me! Working on the link between the needs of the company and those of the employees gave me so much energy. So I studied Human Resources Management in evening school. That was hard but so fascinating. And for the 25 years that followed I worked, with great satisfaction, in different HR positions in international companies.

About 5 years ago I decided to study again. I wanted to focus more on the development of people in their professional environment. So I studied coaching, transactional analysis, systemic work, mediation and the Process Communication Model. I find it very motivating to give people tools to work more efficient and with more joy by using their strengths.

People say I’m a good listener. I love to connect, to boost people’s self-confidence, to partner, give direct and confronting feedback when needed. I have a positive attitude and a win-win mentality and will always apply a healthy sense of humor.

I look forward to making acquaintance, so let’s meet!

See you soon!



+32 476 90 71 98
Diepestraat 4 – 1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode

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