Liesbet Selleslags is an independant woman with very divers interests. People and automation are the core of her activities. Liesbet shares her story about beating her bore-out. That’s right, bore-out.

I graduated as a double major in Informatics and as a Social Worker. Two totally different things that perfectly match for me as a generalist. I built a career in human resources but I never was really happy. So my CV looks like a job hopper track, I switched between longer periods of employment and short temporary assignments. And even the longer periods were quite relative. Comments guaranteed every time I applied for a new job. Which became harder to find.

I stayed at my last employer for about 5,5 years. Until my body just gave up. I was unhappy, dragged myself to work, had a short fuse, was frustrated, was bored to death, I had no more challenges, my passion and drive disappeared and I got a lot of health issues. First there was this eternal cold, then other stuff and all my energy had just gone. I never visited the doctor more than during that time.

It was an angina that gave me the final blow. It was the start of a long recovery. I knew already for a long time I didn’t fit in that job and environment. It was slowly killing me. But I stayed, because it payed the bills and gave me security (who would give up on a stable job in the public sector??). But I was merely surviving, I lacked all energy for fun stuff. I could literally sleep standing up.

Time for change! But what was I going to do…? I started career coaching as I didn’t want to stay at home for too long. I thought I could easily fix this: just know what you want to do and get back to work! Sounds logic, but my body didn’t agree…

The career coaching confirmed what I knew. I couldn’t go back. I made myself and my job totally dispensable and there were no alternatives there. I was dismissed at the end of 2016 and could finally close this chapter.

I felt a really strong urge to go back to my roots and I also know I need freedom, autonomy, variety and room to do what I want to do. For too long I lived a life that others defined for me. It was time to take it back into my own hands. Create my own work. Something I secretly also did when I was employed, which worked well until someone would come and tell me what to do.

No more. So there was only 1 option: become an entrepreneur and fully live my passions and dreams. There, my business, Passions & Dreams had a name and was born in March 2017. I help people who, like me, lost themselves along the way to rediscover their passions and dreams. We take steps so they can, just like me, fully live their life mission. And I also help the Technology Made Easy academy to grow. We help small business to automate so the boring stuff gets down to a minimum and the business owners have more time to actually live. This combination gives me the variety I need. And I can go for what I want!

I know my path got me to where I currently am. If there’s one thing I would do different, it’s not staying too long at my employer and not let myself get scared off by what other people think and my own fears. I would take step away a lot sooner!



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