A blog post about my story … that seemed awesome. Because my career is not a straight path, far from it, rather a roller coaster with highs and lows. I try to hold tight and “stay on track”. But that’s not always easy. In the meantime I learned what makes it work: having the guts to trust and let go.

Let’s start at the beginning. For about 15 years, I worked in the socio-cultural sector. I had great jobs in even greater organizations. But that didn’t always give me the satisfaction that I was looking for. Or the circumstances did not correspond to my needs at that time in my life. There was a job in Brussels, for which turned out my mother’s heart couldn’t cope with the daily commuting from Deinze to Brussels and back. In another organization I could work from home and I had full control over my time in my part-time job. Very family friendly! But also lonely and not easy to separate my work from my private life.

So I kept on searching… not knowing very well what I really wanted. I wasn’t well aware of my capabilities and possibilities. A year ago I suddenly got a great opportunity. A training assignment, for which I had to become self-employed. So, yes… I jumped. And since I love to write, my business ‘Woorden van Eva‘, through which I offer my written and spoken word, was born.

It was one hell of a year. Developing your own company is not easy. I started full of enthusiasm and actually it worked and works fine. I invoiced more every quarter, not with giant profit (yet) but for beautiful amounts. Networking helped me to go from one project to the other. And there’s always great and unexpected things crossing my path.

And then sometimes it suddenly became very quiet: no assignments, some empty weeks in my calendar, … it was hard to stay positive. As a result I frantically went looking for assignments, overwhelmed by despair, clinging onto possibilities for broadening my network or to get more jobs. One year further, I can assure you that doesn’t help! If I learned one lesson, it is this: as soon as you can have faith in a positive outcome and let everything go, something new will automatically cross your path. OK, ‘automatically’ is probably not correct. Everything that comes your way, comes from hard work, successful assignments, and prior talks with people. But if you can let go, it suddenlyseems to flow right to you.

Once someone told me to keep my eye on the ball. Focus on what you are doing at that moment or where you want to go. Do not be distracted by circumstances or failures. Let go of distraction and have faith in your future. On several occasions that really worked for me. As soon as you can let go, it comes ‘all by itself’. Great, but certainly not easy!

I don’t know what the future will bring. Will I continue to further build my business? Or will I choose for a great job again in an even greater organization (because working on my own can be lonesome)? I don’t know what I’ll do. But until I know, I’m going to let go and trust that it will all be good. Or that’s at least what I’ll try 🙂


Eva Germeys is a freelance writer, voice-over and trainer. Words are her passion. Her style is authentic, pure and powerful. www.woordenvaneva.be


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