Do you ever worry about your job in the future? I did, briefly. I read an article through a friend in my network where the CEO of Chrysler shared his vision for the future. His prognosis: in 20 years we would all be out of a job. Holy sh*t. To be honest: it scared me at first. I started wondering – about how we could prepare people for this kind of future, what would be the necessary competences and skills in that new reality,… When I shared my concern on Facebook, someone immediately reacted with this frank statement:

“Oh yes, career coaches, yeah you will disappear too. Because in a few years there won’t be anybody left to coach in the traditional workplace. Go find another job.”

This comment got me stuck for days; not so much the fact that I had to go look for another job, or that the  traditional workplace would cease to exist (that surely will happen someday, but not tomorrow). Moreover, the traditional workplace is not the only option we play with at Make me Fly! either.

But how will people be able to gain an income? In a world where Airbnb creates supercheap lodging, that Über changes the transportation sector and everything has to be for free more than ever? And even if we all managed to get an income, how would we deal with giving meaning to our lives? We might all like the idea of having eternal holidays, I am however convinced that being able to bringing a useful contribution to the world is something most of us desire. Not that it has to come solely from our jobs. But work does give us more than just an income.

There will always be jobs…
…is what my husband told me, and being a wise man, I think he’s right. Despite the growing field of robotics and automation. We are still getting born and we will all die someday. We still need to eat. We can do a lot through technology, but a real doctor remains irreplaceable. Maybe one day there might be a machine that cuts our hair, but for now I have most faith in the skills of my hairdresser. There will always be work. Even if you don’t have a highly technological, creative, innovative brain or background.

Be aware of your skill set and options
And then I asked myself what I could do. What am I capable of, besides coaching and reorienting people? And towars what would we guide them? Not to ‘the traditional job market’ of workplace, as I understood from the Facebook comments. However that job market will still play a part. Knowing what you are capable of and where you could apply your skills and talents, makes you feel good and strengthens your self-esteem. And the more confidence you have, the less fear you will feel. The less fear you have, the easier it will be to discover other or new options; even if you don’t shift your career right away. And meanwhile you can better use your skills in the job you do today. Because if you do what you do best and what you like doing, work doesn’t feel like work and results are easier to achieve.

The more flexible you are, the more options you have
Things become difficult when you want to hold on to everything you do, are and have, right now. Being flexible and transferable, means looking at changes thinking ‘no idea if I would like it, but it makes me curious and maybe I can do it’. Even if it initially scares you. A first step is to discover what your options, wishes and dreams are. And to train yourself, also in the things that at first glance might not be relevant for you professionally at this moment. For some people this reality isn’t even that far away; I often see people who see it coming, because of a takeover, a merger, or through continuous restructuring inside their company. They know, that one day it will be their turn. So why wait when you can discover your options today?

There will always be people who need to be taken care of. There will be hair needing to be cut. Doctors are not yet replaceable. And the less meaning we’ll find through our jobs, the more therapists we’ll need. There will always be work, also for you. It might look different, but it will be there.

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