I’m Els Deboutte, coach, trainer, author and creator of Make me Fly!, an Elsewhere Consulting product. Throughout over 20 years of experience as a psychologist, trainer, HR Manager and consultant I learned to easily spot and strengthen people’s talents. That’s where Make me Fly!started, a coaching and training program that aims to make you fully independent andconfident to make your career choices and define your next steps. So you don’t have to work harder but make happier choices.

I survived 2 burn-outs and decided I was not going down that same road again, which will require permanent attention to what matters most to me. I’m a trained psychologist and musician, a wife and mother of 2 sons. In my spare time I practice karate, I enjoy great and healthy food, I love wine and occasionally I go for a jog. I’m a huge fan of Solution Focused working and am a Licensed Practitioner for The 7 Vices™ by Ellen Söentken.

My ‘credentials’:

  • registered psychologist (license number 702104294)
  • Master in Psychology, Master in Music, Teaching degree
  • Qualified coach
  • Licensed Practitioner for The 7 Vices™ by Ellen Söentken
  • Member of ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • Experience in all sectors, amongst which medical (MD, specialists) and academics (PhD, Postdoc, Prof and Prof-to-be).

Want to snoop around to get to know my work and approach? Have a peak at my first book “Geef je Carrière weer Vleugels!” (Dutch only, Kluwer), my second book “Goesting! Opnieuw plezier vinden in je werk én je leven” (Dutch only, Elsewhere Consulting 2016), the free e-book “10 steps to reinvent yourself” or one of the other free items on this site.



+32 477 566 294
Brusselsestraat 190, 3000 Leuven
Ijzerenmolenstraat 56, 3001 Heverlee

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