Will only perfection make us satisfied?

You should be happy and proud if your organization receives such a recognition, right? Do we expect everything to be perfect before we allow ourselves to be proud? Do we expect our employer to make everything perfect before we are allowed to say that they’re doing a good job? That doesn’t seem like a fair deal to me. Because as an organization it’s very hard to know what each individual expects.

The Regional hospital Heilig Hart Leuven is the first BLISSful company™

Een ziekenhuis staat of valt met de kundigheid en de ‘goesting’ van de mensen die er werken. Om deze doelstelling kracht bij te zetten ging ons ziekenhuis in zee met “Make me Fly!”, een organisatie gespecialiseerd in fijner (samen)werken en in welzijn en welbevinden op het werk. Samen zetten we onze schouders onder het werkgeluk en welzijn van onze medewerkers.

Pregnant once again?

To all mums and dads keeping things afloat: thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! You’re absolute superheroes from our perspective!  Kaat Martens is a communication manager. As fresh twentysomethings, she and Rilla Lysens shared their first...

Hora Paraguaya

My stress and I were friends for the longest time: I went to sleep with it and I stood up with it. Heartbeat constantly elevated by those few extra beats, “relaxation” not in my personal dictionary - that’s how I lived. When people remarked:...

If only I would have more discipline

I just need to be more disciplined, a client said to me during a conversation. Hm-hm, I answered. I was not completely convinced. Sure, discipline is functional and without it you will get nowhere. But the key to more fulfillment does not...

Wanted: vision

Around this time last year Els asked me if I would like to follow the vision board workshop. I didn’t doubt it for even a second, of course I wanted to come. Granted, her invitation came at the perfect time. A year ago, during this time, I was unemployed for about 10 months. And in desperate need of a vision

Enough time for yourself, what’s that?

Guest blog by Rilla Lysens, coach & trainer at Make me Fly! “Do you have enough time for yourself?" The question came soaring at me like an arrow, razor-sharp, its tip flaming and headed for a spot on my abdomen most likely described as being my “plexus solaris” by...

Insights I gained over the past six weeks

At last, the new year’s finally begun, and resolutions have – or haven’t – been made. During the past six weeks, I did something quite unusual for my doing: I took six weeks off. That is to say, I wasn’t in complete furlough mode; I spent a...

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