Will your company be a Bliss at Work! company?


  • You want to pro-actively combat stress and burn-out with your employees in orde to limit absenteeism
  • You want to work towards more job satisfaction and sustainable commitment in a positive no-nonsense kind of way
  • You want a coordinated well-being policy in the area of psychosocial risks
  • You want your employees to stay employable for a long time, whatever happens in your oganisation
  • You dream of an organisations with employees who are proud to work for you

Happy and healthy employees guarantee sustainable COMMERCIAL success!

From our experience we know that:

  • through high pressure, constant cuts and continuous change people find it hard to breathe at times, which leads to absenteeism and a loss of productivity;
  • it’s not evident to keep people, of all walks of life, enthusiastically working for a longer time;
  • burn-out is a real problem and it comes with a high humane and financial cost;
  • employees who are not committed (enough) cost clients and therefore money;
  • people who are healthy and fit and feel good in their bodies undertake more and give the overall atmospehere a positive push;
  • employees who are conscious of what they are able to do, take more initiative;
  • employees engage with pleasure and enthusiasm when they feel appreciated.


Bliss at Work! is an expert program. Which is why we merge our expertise with that of our partner: Sportpraktijk



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button BMG  Success is what you make of it!

button BMG  Satisfied employees, it’s possible, it’s much more fun and it accelerates your business!

button BMG  According to research genuine compliments are more motivating than pizza or a small bonus.

button BMG  Happiness is in the small things. Supposedly Danes know it best. A little too hot for chasmere socks but what if you can build this feeling into your workday…hm 🙂

button BMG  Low job satisfaction increases the risk of mental health risks.

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