When your talent becomes the ‘enemy’

For 20 years she did a great job at doing a job that didn’t really suit her talents and she did it so well that all her bosses and coworkers believed it was her talent. And so did she. We was recognised for her results and built a beautiful career. Until she...

Work as support during rocky times

Earlier this week I wrote a personal blog, soon after I received many messages, texts and phone calls. From friends asking me how I’m doing and if there’s anything they can do to help. Not only friends took the time to reach out to me. I also got messages and calls...

About focus, resolutions, parental burn-out, citytrips and tea

With a slight sense of disbelief I notice that it’s already December again. That says something about my perception of time or maybe even my age. Time flies when you’re having fun? Maybe. Time flies, period. I’m really happy with what 2018 brought me, I’m...

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