Living and working with a hearing impairment

I was 13 years old when I first got my hearing aids. I could no longer ignore the dominant hereditary aspect of this abnormality. I knew the journey I was going to start but I had no idea where I was going to end up. Even though I experienced the benefits, there were...

The dark side of the self-care hype

Have you seen it too on social media, the #selfcare? Pictures that literally bathe in rose petals and essential oils, fancy cups of curcuma latte and breakfast bowls filled to the brim with powerfoods, to just give a few examples. A positive thing taking care of...

When your talent becomes the ‘enemy’

For 20 years she did a great job at doing a job that didn’t really suit her talents and she did it so well that all her bosses and coworkers believed it was her talent. And so did she. We was recognised for her results and built a beautiful career. Until she...

Make me Fly! helps employees and companies reach their full potential. Together we map out talents and dreams and look for ways to make them come true. Working with 100% enthusiasm, that’s our goal!

Employees & self-employed

Do you want to check your professional balance? Do you have any doubts? We would love to help you find some answers! Our career coaching and workshops are your place to start.


Do you want make your company a place where everybody feels good and where talents are being optimally used? Become a working with bliss company! Discover our tailored offer.


Not sure if your future lies in academia? Are you thinking about looking for other opportunities? Because acadmia is a world of it’s own we would like to work out an offer, tailored to your needs.

Make me Fly! offers career coaching (VDAB cheques), in-company coachingoutplacement, workshops and individual coaching.

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