Typical coaching questions are:

  • A recently promoted collaborator is not delivering on the promise and is showing doubts or lack of self-confidence
  • You were promoted to a management position and are facing challenges in dealing with people issues and getting your arms around the time demands of your new position
  • A promising employee or manager is at risk of burning out
  • Suddenly collaborating with a specific employee or manager has become impossible. The team and colleagues are complaining
  • An employee you don’t want to miss is thinking of leaving the company because of a personal disconnect with the organization
  • A talented employee or manager is not adjusting to new demands at a higher level and not enough aware of political play
  • You’re not sure if you still want to do this
  • You get stuck when it comes to political play and don’t know how to handle it


We offer 3 formulas:


  1. Coaching trajectory of 5 sessions
  2. Coaching per session / per hour
  3. VIP Coaching Program



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