Did you know that 1/3 of PhD-students in Flanders has a serious risk of developing mental health issues?

Working in academia brings on an array of challenges and struggles. Those are often unique to that environment. During your time as a PhD, or a post-doc you might be confronted with certain doubts, insecurities and struggles, alongside the large publishing- and work pressure. You may ask yourself whether there is still place for you inside the academic world. Through our experience in the academic sector, we realize that those working in academia deal with specific issues. Which is why we offer coaching tailored to your needs.

Struggles within academia

During our work with academici, they shared these struggles with us:

  • You realize that there are just a few spots available within your specialty and that you’ll have to fight, and lobby (that too) for it. The jobmarket is very competitive.
  • Feeling a lot of insecurity in the early stages of an academic career. Is it the right thing for me? Will I make it? I’m 1,5 year in and I still don’t have anything to show for it…will it work out? A lot of academic receive little feedback and aren’t able to make this assesment.
  • You’re doubting whether your specialty will help you get your foot in the door somewhere. Is this an investment or a ‘waste of time’?
  • Your career consists of temporary contracts, or of part-time contracts.
  • Balancing teaching and doing research in the limited 24 hours a day.
  • Pressure to publish and to establish yourself at the same time as a researcher. Difficulty dealing with harsh competition.
  • Choosing from within the ‘luxury’-position of a next postdoc which actually results in you losing your passion day by day.
  • Researcher are often totally not aware of their transferable skills and sell themselves short in the jobmarket outside of academia.
  • You’re worried about the combination of a family and an academic career. Starting a family is often considered a ‘career killer’ for women (and becoming that for men too). Do you postpone your wish for a family? What if you wait too long? The required travels can also be a burden in a relationship. Do you want to choose between work or your relationship? What if your dreamjob is located on the other side of the world? Will your family move with you?


Why would you consult a coach?

Talking to a coach can help you figure out a way to get through struggles, doubts and insecurities. They can broaden your outlook on your talents, your options and your possibilities. This is your result:

  • You know where you’re headed and can make sure that everything is on the right track;
  • You get a grip on your talents, skils and ‘transferable skills’, but also on your career wishes;
  • You are able to make decisions about continuing, stopping, giving it all you have;
  • We teach you how to apply for jobs and to discover opportunities that are not ‘printed’ but do exist.

Our coaches have extensive background in coaching and training academic professionals, or have an academic background themselves. They’ll help get you back on the right track!

Our offer

We offer four kinds of coaching:

  1. Career coaching with the VDAB cheques
  2. Coaching track (5 sessions, usually over 6 months)
  3. Coaching by the hour / per session
  4. VIP Coaching Program

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