How can I find pleasure in my job again?
Would I be happier in a different job? And which one?
What do I want? And how can I get there?
How can I realise my ambitions?
How can I do this?


What is career coaching?

Career coaching guides you towards more insight in the place of work in your life. During the sessions you’ll get a crystal clear view on what you want. Together we’ll figure out what you’re worth on the job market and how you can use that knowledge. We’ll always hold up a mirror for you. And we’ll give you the confidence to make genuine decisions which will help you to live an authentic life. So you can once again enjoy going to work!


How does it work?

  1. Get in touch for a discovery conversation. We will explain how the coaching works and how much it costs. You will receive a contract and all the necessary information about how we’ll proceed
  2. Together we will design a personal program based on your needs and wants.
  3. When the coaching has ended you have a right at aftercare. We will clarify this during the discovery conversation.

If you are sufficiently proficient in dutch you can apply for loopbaanbegeleiding, you’ll find more about this option here!

Don’t just sit there and wait, get in touch for a free discovery converstation and start your future!



Our coaches work with us in our offices in Aarschot, Belsele, Berchem, Bonheiden, Brakel, Brussel, Destelbergen, Dilbeek, Genk, Hasselt, Heverlee, Hove, Ieper, Kasterlee, Kessel-Lo, Kortrijk, Kruishoutem, Leuven, Linden, Loonbeek, Mol, Mortsel, Oostduinkerke, Oudenaarde, Ruddervoorde, Sinaai (Sint-Niklaas), Sint-Genesius-Rode, Sint-Truiden, Tienen, Veltem-Beisem, Waregem, Werchter, Wilsele, Zottegem and Zoutleeuw. We also work online through Facetime, Facebook call, Skype or by phone and that works just as flexible and thorough! Feel free to come and get to know us!


Why is working with us different?

Make me Fly! is a small team by conscious choice. You know who you’ll be working with.

  1. We care. We genuinly care how you’re doing and if you can apply what we’ve discussed. We’re do the extra effort if that’s required.
  2. We treat you like a person, not a number. Though we foresee a logical sequence in our sessions, we’ll always start with you. What we do during a session can be totally different from what we initially had foreseen and that’s OK. Your results are key, not our comfort.
  3. Our approach is innovative and always tailored to your needsNo standard scenario, no tons of homework or questionnaires that will mainly tell you what you already know.
  4. We dare to explore radical shifts and choices without losing touch with reality.
  5. We are flexible when it comes to fixing appointments. We don’t plan all of them in advance, we plan by need. All combinations can be considered within the VDAB guidelines (if you’re working with the VDAB agreement). We only expect you to stick to your appointments once we agreed.
  6. Our approach guarantees fast and sustainable results. Yes you can. That’s what our testimonials say.
  7. Our team is professionaly trained and gathered loads of experience, also at the other end of the table as a manager, recruiter, headhunter, HR manager. All this experience is available to you.
  8. Our network is your network.
  9. Every client is a human to us, we never call you ‘a coachee’.

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