“Sometimes when I look around, I see lots of people full of talent. I could tell every one of them what I could see them doing. But as for myself… I am so afraid that one day I will discover that this is all I can do… “

That’s what one of my – as always – very talented clients told me during a conversation. At that time, she was in a period of great uncertainty. Up until then she had always been very successful. Her talents had been picked up very early in her career and some great deals were offered to her. But then she came to a point where her talent, which was also her passion, began to take a heavy toll on her. She suffered because she doubted the importance of her work. Was this useful? Did it improve anyone’s life?

In my world, everybody is bursting with talent

The nice thing about my job is that it made me develop an eye for talent. Some people may call me naïve but it’s very rare for me to come across people who ‘only’ have one talent. For example, the woman I met who wanted to work in the care sector. She didn’t have the correct degree nor the experience. So, she didn’t wasn’t accepted to start the training. Understandably she was very disappointed. But in our conversation, I noticed she had a very warm personality, she was very open to other people and her heart was in the right place. She was good with words and she was a good worker who didn’t mind rolling her sleeves up. That’s why I could certainly see her working in a caring job, in whatever form.

It takes some searching and a little imagination to identify your talents

A caring job can take a lot of forms, from the manager of a bar to somebody employed in the medical sector. But finding out how you can apply your talents in your job is a more difficult question which requires attention. Sometimes your talents are very clear to see, sometimes they are still hidden and need to be discovered. That’s why we support our clients in searching for and identifying their talents. This phase can sometimes disappoint them but a coach is not a job dispenser. At times things just tend to appear on your pathway. One of my client-friends recently got an offer to help to work on a report, just because she seems to be very good at it. But often jobs don’t come to you so easily. An example is the case of my client who loves to write and has a special style of writing due to his unique perspective. He can’t make a living from it right now, but he’s working on it and someday this will bring opportunities his way.

The most important step is to start exploring

We could think of a million reasons why you shouldn’t dream about the future. Because dreams are deceptive, right? And yet there are a lot of good reasons to keep dreaming! Even if it only was to discover all your options, and to avoid becoming limited by those things which you are good at now and wherefore others acknowledge you. You need to discover the weak points in your career, because those things which you are very good at now may have an “expiry date”. That’s when the term proactivity comes in to play. And it can be liberating! So, go on an adventure; start to explore your dreams and your talents.

I promised you an invitation! Well, on Friday, the 16th of December, from 14 h till 17h30 we are organising a workshop ‘Make your vision board’ in Leuven (Louvain). We’d love to work with your dreams and your talents and transform them into a vision board. The workshop is limited to 15 participants and costs 55 euros including VAT. A good investment!
Enrol quickly to be sure of your seat. 

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