No balls, no glory!

In this guest blog, Ann Jossart, publisher and huge fan of books, comics and graphic novels, writes about how she discovered her passion and found the courage to turn it into her job. As a publisher she co-creates comics and graphic novels. They tell compelling stories of life as it is.

The discovery of the comic book
Eleven years ago I was looking for a new challenge. With my broad range of interests and my ability to dive right into fascinating subjects, a conventional career didn’t seem to be my cup of tea. I’m what people would call nowadays ‘a multipotentialite’, having many interests and passions and going all the way each time again. I was already working in the book industry, but it was my then-husband who taught me the love for comics. He studied ‘Graphic Novel’ at Sint-Lukas in Brussels and gave me a pile of comics to discover. It’s because of that I started working at a wholesale graphic novel distributor, and later on joined a comic bookstore as an associate.

An exciting project filled with passion and meaning
Two summers ago I had the opportunity to take over an existing comic-book publishing company. We knew the publisher, the books and the illustrators and considering that I’m always in for a new challenge, I took the leap. It was thrilling… and wonderful! Working behind the scenes, building a stage for illustrators and making sure that their comics reach their public as good as possible: I enjoy it and it helps me grow and discover. It makes me happy in many ways. To this day, the world of paper, editors and printers offers me the challenges and inspiration I need. Publishing Company Oogachtend became my new passion project!

If you dan dream it, you can do it!
The doomsayers discouraged me to get into this business. Plenty objections to make it clear that I, a “small publisher”, would never be able to compete against the big boys in publishing. ‘There is no future in paper books’ and ‘it’s financially impossible to make a living out of it’. And yet each time it feels like a privilege to create a book alongside an illustrator. Witnessing the birth of a new book, seeing the first drawings, watching how the story unfolds,… until that moment when the book becomes a beautiful object that wants to be held, felt, smelled en red. It feels like I bring these books into the world, as if they were my children, giving them a voice of their own. I consider myself very lucky that I found the courage to follow my heart and dreams… It makes me happy and it pays the bills!

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