Happy cows give better milk.

Healthy employees guarantee sustainable COMMERCIAL success!




The success of any organisation is made by the competencies of its employees and the drive to go the extra mile, every day. However, current business environments take their toll. With workload being (extremely) high and client demands being extensive, how can an organisation remain a place where people feel happy, healthy and productive in the long term?

Make me Fly! rewards organisations who invest, next to productivity, in work happiness and sustainable employability. Your benefit? Reinforcing employee retention and our employer brand.


BLISSful workplaces need to invest in 3 critical areas in a sustainable way in order to be eligible for the BLISS at Work-label©:

  1. Sustainable employability: e.g. individual coaching, leadership skills, job crafting or rotation,…
  2. Resilience and mental fitness: e.g. awareness sessions, stress and burn-out prevention,…
  3. Physical health: e.g. fruit at work, yoga, sports, healthy sleep,…


Just another label? Not really. There is no specific questionnaire or audit. Nevertheless, the organisation must be able to produce 2 pieces of evidence:

  1. Sign and communicate the BLISS at Work© manifesto, which explicitly states the importance of mental health, employability and employee happiness to the organisation and the firm intention to continue providing initiatives on the 3 fore-mentioned critical areas;
  2. Take pulse of employee happiness, satisfaction and (mental) health in any other way. This could be a risk analysis, an employee satisfaction survey or similar initiative that your already perform.

Does the organisation have to be the happiest place to work at the moment of acknowledgement?

No. A firm and explicit intention and visible initiatives make the label far more credible then ‘proof’. It shows you really care.


Bliss at Work! is an expert program. Which is why we merge our expertise with that of our partner: Sportpraktijk



button BMG  Liking your job, is it possible? Scientifcally studied, including the consequences if you don’t.

button BMG  Accepting a lower-paying job closer to home? Researsh shows the benefits!

button BMG  Success is what you make of it!

button BMG  Satisfied employees, it’s possible, it’s much more fun and it accelerates your business!

button BMG  According to research genuine compliments are more motivating than pizza or a small bonus.

button BMG  Happiness is in the small things. Supposedly Danes know it best. A little too hot for chasmere socks but what if you can build this feeling into your workday…hm 🙂

button BMG  Low job satisfaction increases the risk of mental health risks.

The Regional Hospital Heilig Hart Leuven became the first BLISSFULworkplace!™

You can read more about their decision to go on board with us here.

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