About satisfaction, farts, drama and letting go

With our brain already a little bit in vacation modus we’re working hard to finish the last things before we check out for the summer. I notice that from different angles around me there’s already a more calm atmosphere and my mailbox receives a whole lot more ‘out of office’ replies. It reminded me of what vacation is, or better yet, what it should be…   

We are being showered with ‘good advice’ about taking a holiday: take a long break, go to a place where you’ve never been before at least once a year, go on a lot of mini-breaks… Or the latest opinion: dare to step on a plane if you participated in a march for climate! Even vacation is no longer allowed to be what it’s supposed to be about: ‘letting go’. We get influenced by opinions and expectations, instagram worthy pictures and tall tales. And enjoying. Apparently we have to enjoy. All this having to is sure to make someone tired, and that’s exactly what vacation shouldn’t be. 

So before you close the door behind you, think about the following: how can I make sure that I’m satisfied with my vacation? You could make a list filled with expectations and TO DO’s. Or you could try a different approach. It’s quite simple actually: “satisfaction is what’s left when you stop believing all your unsatisfying thoughts“. Dissatisfaction is the tension that emerges between what you expect and what is. Go whichever way the wind blows, surf on the metaphorical waves a bit more. If you expect everything to go exactly how you want it to go, then you’ll notice that you’ll be experiencing more dissatisfaction… That’s a guarantee.

These (dissatisfied) thoughts are nothing but ‘farts’. Let me explain: they come with a nasty smell, they’re fleeting and impossible to grab. Moreover they’re sticky and they stink up your mind if you don’t ventilate your head. It’s a good idea to not take all your thoughts seriously and most importantly to not hold on to all of them until you can no longer breathe. A much better option is to regularly open the window in your mind. Some thoughts will dissapear by themselves, others may need some help… by meditation, sport, certain thought excercises… Being aware of ‘the smell’ is already a first step. 

Drama happens when you start to believe your own brainfarts. Things that are not correct, ideas that are forced upon you, ‘little devils on your shoulder’. Get on in, the dramatrain is ready. You can create your own stinking nest of dissatisfaction in 1,2,3 and it doens’t even take a lot of effort… 

So vacation… Just let it be what it is to you, without other people’s advice or opinions. Maybe add one thing: ‘let go’. Letting go of brainfarts that will mess up your head and make you unhappy. Because yes, something will go wrong, someone will be at a nicer place and yes you will get headaches and walk in the rain, those things can create a lot of stench in your head. Or you can choose thoughts that do make you happy. I’m sure you can think of some. Happy holidays! 

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