7 weeks to reinvent your career

Feeling tired, dissatisfied and ready for that career change you have been dreaming about for so long?

This is your chance! 

Join our online training and finally change your career around
in only 7 weeks!

Is this you?

  • You’ve been dissatisfied with your work for a while
  • You’re looking for a job or the spot you can shine in but can’t seem to find it
  • You feel you could do so much more but your job doesn’t let you
  • You’re tired or burned out, you lack satisfaction, even from your accomplishments
  • Maybe you lost your job and are even more lost in figuring out what you want and where to find it
  • You know you want something different but you just don’t know what that would be
  • You want to know how to tackle the labor market successfully and find a job you really like that lets you grow your skills and talents

‘7 weeks to reinvent your career’ helps you to gain insight, courage, faith and the necessary techniques to be in control of your journey and create a rewarding life and career.

This is your RESULT:

  • You have a clear view on your professional goals. You know what kind of environment coheres with your working values and how to detect that during your search;
  • You have a full inventory of your knowledge, skills, assets that you can ‘sell’ on the labor market or use in setting up your own business;
  • You know how to create a winning CV, cover letter, how to get and use recommendations, references, your LinkedIn profile,…;
  • We’ll share the insights of a successful strategy, to find opportunities externally or inside your company, to get a starting point to set up your own business;
  • You’ll know how to shine your way through interviews, assessment centers, …
  • 2 bonusses (keep reading 🙂 )

Want to enroll?

  • The full package, containing 9 hours of online training with worksheets, is available for 199 euro (VAT included). The program is packed with exercises. All of our wisdom in career orientation and re-orientation is included!
  • To enroll, send an e-mail to els@makemefly.be, stating your name and address
  • This content will be delivered to you:
    • Session 1: ‘Go-go!’ or no-go? What jobs and places suit your best? How do you discover ‘the right spot’ for you?
    • Session 2: This is what you’re worth: your strengths, assets, talents, skills,
    • Session 3: Become irresistible! How your CV, LinkedIn profile and other online presence attracts what you want
    • Session 4: Where are the jobs?! Search strategies, creating internal opportunities, using your network
    • Session 5: Shine your way through interviews, assessment centers, performance reviews,…
    • Session 6: Action! Getting over yourself and your limiting beliefs, planning for action.
  • Action sheets to structure your thoughts and progress throughout the program
  • You decide in which order you would like to tackle the classes, thought we do have a logical order.

And to top it off: enjoy these bonuses!

BONUS 1: Access to our training video “5 secrets to successfully pass the headhunter” with Isabel Verhelst, Ingenium Executive Search

BONUS 2: Audio: “11 things I learned in starting and building my own business”

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