I’m Véronique and am active as a career coach, counselor and trainer in Brussels.

I have 19 years of experience as a coordinator of (inter) national projects around different social themes and for different target audience, and this for various foundations and organizations. As a creative generalist I made conscious career choices to keep learning, broaden my horizon and contribute to society. During this time I had the opportunity to finetune my internal compass to grow towards the job that suits me. Career counseling gave me a nudge in the right direction at decisive moments.

In the meantime, I enthusiastically coach employees, start-ups and entrepreneurs in (re)discovering their unique resilience in making professional choices and how to deal with stress, change and recovery. I work solution-focused and start from the power of people, with respect for their autonomy and self-management. Like my colleagues at Make me Fly! I trust that every person has what it takes to develop him of herself.

I enjoyed several coaching trainings and I’m currently training to be a solution-focused cognitive therapist at the Korzybski Institute in Bruges.

My biggest strength is to help people discover what they need and what drives them. People appreciate me for my open, empathetic attitude and care. I love meaningful contact with a touch of lightness and humor. I work in Dutch, English and French.


I’m not interested in how people move, but in what makes them move – Pina Bausch

Véronique Philips
+32 499 58 07 45

Philippe Dewolfsstraat 9/1, 1170 Brussel