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Guestblog by Ineke Verweire – The career choices of the academic

Hi, I’m Ineke Verweire. I’m professional chemist. I acquired a PhD and an MBA and during my entire career I have been surrounded by scientists. As a career coach, I love helping them make two fundamental choices at the start of their career. And through this guest blog I’ll share a few fundamental questions. Should […]


What about you? What are you all capable of? + an invitation…

“Sometimes when I look around, I see lots of people full of talent. I could tell every one of them what I could see them doing. But as for myself… I am so afraid that one day I will discover that this is all I can do… “ That’s what one of my – as […]


Waiting for the ax to fall

“Go for security, get a job in a big company.” That’s what I learned when I was a student. Working for a big company or for the government was like winning the lotery: you’d be safe until you retire. You could even pick up some promotions or payraises along the way too.   Unfortunately, those […]


How to raise your commitment and your joy for life?

70% of American employees feel actively disengaged from their employer. And 1 out of 9 does his or her job totally against their will and personal values. This is according to the most recent Gallup International study. What’s going on? Based on what we see in our career coaching practice this doesn’t really surprise us. […]