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How I tackled my bore-out (guestblog by Liesbet Selleslags)

Liesbet Selleslags is an independant woman with very divers interests. People and automation are the core of her activities. Liesbet shares her story about beating her bore-out. That’s right, bore-out. I graduated as a double major in Informatics and as a Social Worker. Two totally different things that perfectly match for me as a generalist. […]


Guestblog by Ineke Verweire – The career choices of the academic

Hi, I’m Ineke Verweire. I’m professional chemist. I acquired a PhD and an MBA and during my entire career I have been surrounded by scientists. As a career coach, I love helping them make two fundamental choices at the start of their career. And through this guest blog I’ll share a few fundamental questions. Should […]

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Guestblog Rilla Lysens – Hurray, dismissal!?

Some days you’ll never forget. I perfectly remember the birth of my first daughter. I remember the blissful feeling as a child, floating on my inflatable mattress in the Mediterranean Sea. Not a  cloud in the sky. I takes me no effort to remember the days that both my father and my mother in law got […]


The guts to trust and let go – Guestblog by Eva Germeys

A blog post about my story … that seemed awesome. Because my career is not a straight path, far from it, rather a roller coaster with highs and lows. I try to hold tight and “stay on track”. But that’s not always easy. In the meantime I learned what makes it work: having the guts to trust […]