Hello! I am Sofie Damen. The greatest thing for me is to see people use their owSofie Damenn power sources, to see them grow and shine and being a part of this.
This is what I aim for 15 years in my job as a manager at a local Board. Recently I continued to follow my passion through my independent coaching activity.

I believe you always have a choice how you look at things, how you react and what action you take.  I myself discovered this when I ended up in a burn-out.  I am grateful for this because it has taught me that succes in life is possible by willing and doing, each and every day.  All what gets your attention grows!  That is why I work from an appreciative and solution-oriented approach: what is already present, what is already succesful, where are the possibilities, how do you grow from knowing to doing etc.  As your career coach I am your inspirator and eye opener. All this down-to-earth and without too much blabla.

With this approach I feel completely at home under the wings of Make me Fly!
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