Nathalie Surmont

Hello, I’m Nathalie and I coach passionate men and women to realize their ambitions, professionally as well as personally.Nathalie Surmont_Vierkant As a certified coach (since 2008) I’ve been working with active professionals (from young starters to well-seasoned leaders) in the most diverse environments. I notice daily how (not) being happy at work influences our way of life. After all, we work to make a living, but our work also shows who we are and how we spend the bulk of our awake time.

Being a mom of two young kids has made me an experienced expert in balancing professional satisfaction, family happiness and taking care of myself.

Several times I’ve consciously decided to work towards more work pleasure and satisfaction. I shifted roles from marketeer and manager to recruiter to get to where I am today as a coach and trainer. My diverse roles over the last 17 years have enabled me to gather a broad experience in professional environments.

To me, a career is a continuous journey where it can be refreshing to occasionally reflect on where you want to go. I personally enjoyed the difference proper guidance can make. It has inspired me to acquire new insights, see (more) possibilities and has allowed me to make well-informed choices and go for what I really want. I’ll enthusiastically be your guide in working towards more balancepleasure or growth in your current job or in the search for a new, more fitting professional role.

As a career coach, I’ll co-pilot your career choices and will offer you a framework for insights, possibilities and action. I believe in the power of a positive and solution-oriented approach that I share with Make me Fly!. We’ll work together on your talents, taking your context into account, as well as what energizes you and what makes you unique.
+32 499 128 178
Bezelaerstraat 94, 2830 Blaasveld (Willebroek)