I’m Kathleen Watteyn, psychologist and career coach. I have more than 20 years of experienKathleen_2ce in managing positions with the Flemish government (VDAB and Child & Family). Moreover I am a certified assessor in behavioral assessment and because of this I’m also responsible for personnel selection.

I followed a course to become an integral coach and career coach. Recently I started my own practice.

Besides my job I am also a mother of 4 growing children. During the years I have discovered that I can’t be a happy woman and mother, when I’m unhappy in my job. I also learned how to lovingly manage a busy and warm family while at the same time have space to discover and follow my own passions. I want nothing more than to share those insights and experiences with as many people as possible, to give them that push in the back needed to return to the action. 

In my coaching trajectories we start from your current situation and figure out what you like and don’t like about it. We focus the attention on you as a person: your dreams, your talents, your pitfalls, so that you know perfectly what you are worth and what your strengths are. Finally we research the criteria a job needs to be considered your top-job. This will lead the way to very concrete actions to continue your current job (with renewed energy) or to deliberately search for your dream-job. You will feel more in control of your life and will have much more energy and fun. You are (back to) feeling comfortable with yourself, your environment and your job. 

I work in a solution focus way: rather than focusing on problems, I am going with you on a discovery to solutions. I thus feel totally at home in the vision of Make me Fly!. People appreciate me for my no-nonsense style, my sense of humor and my warm and sincere interest.  

+32 499 56 54 52

Priester Coulonstraat 65, 8930 Rekkem (Menen)