Hi, I’m Ineke Verweire, PhD in chemistry, MBA, manager, entrepreneur and certified coach. Above all I’m a mom of a fantastic daughter, family person and nature lover. Horses and flowers match my life like the sun and the moon.

I gained 20 years of experience in chemistry, the pharmaceutical and medical device sector. I have supported several start-ups and fulfilled about every role from business development, production and maintenance to HR, quality and finance. Throughout the years my fascination in ‘the person behind the business’ kept growing. For me, trust, room for initiative and personal growth, authenticity and sense of direction are keys to successful (professional) relations.

At one point in my career I really hit the wall. This difficult phase thought me wisdom, things I didn’t learn at school or even at work. This experience made me a more balanced person: balance between and in work and life, but also between feeling and thinking, doing and being, stopping and continuing, working hard and being lazy, between me and the others. Anyone can clash, at work or at home, with yourself or with the people around you. I’m a strong believer of taking time to make conscious choices.

So I’m inviting you to take this time together? We’ll go on a quest for your talents, your strengths and your values. What makes your eyes twinkle and what really sucks your energy. I use different coaching techniques and work according to the solution focus method. Or would you like to discover or develop a skill or new behavior? Be more assertive? Learn to delegate? Learn to say no? Let me help you.

People I’ve worked with valued the atmoshpere of trust and appreciation and my use of both direct and indirect questions. My enthusiasm helped to encourage them to try to do things differently.

What makes you fly? Let’s find out. Look forward!
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Hulstbaan 70, 9112 Sinaai (Sint-Niklaas)