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Free e-Course “5 career essentials everyone should master”

I always knew that working in HR for almost 20 years could be beneficial to not just me. Let me share 5 essentials that you can easily start yourself. Every week, you’ll receive an exercise on 1 topic.

  1. Part 1: Build on your strengths
    A Gallup International survey shows that only 20% of the respondents feel they can do something they are good at every day at work. Those are very sad numbers… Do you know what you’re really good at? What would it be like if you could do more of that, every day?
  2. Part 2: Dream big!
    Let’s go really wild 🙂 I can assure you, you’re more ambitious than you think.
  3. Part 3: Pimp your CV
    Want to get found by your network for jummie opportunities? This is how you set up a CV that makes you different from the rest.
  4. Part 4: I hate office politics!
    Most of us do, actually. But seeing and knowing the game can be fun. Here’s what it could mean to you.
  5. Part 5: Nothing can stop you now
    How to go from your big dream to a plan that you can start with tomorrow, of even today?

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