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5 strategies to stop work from haunting you

Is your workday still haunting you, even if it’s long done? Working can be pretty intense, even if you love what you do. Work and life aren’t always well balanced, or well integrated. It may be called work-life integration, the result is often however  that boudaries are practically non-existent. And for most people work is […]

plan B

How about you, what’s your plan B?

Earlier this week I had the chance to speak to about 100 people about my business as my plan B in my career. I admit at first it puzzled me. Was my business a plan B? Or was it actually plan A and everything before my plan B?  My career before my own business wasn’t […]


Survival of the fittest? Guestblog by coach Sofie Damen

Darwin taught us the species that adjusts the best has most chances to reproduce and to survive. Being able to adjust is therefore a crucial skills, wether it applies to a life or death situation or just a family gathering, working for an impossible boss or with a challenging colleague. Nothing wrong with adjusting, adapting […]

just say NO

If it no longer suits you

January is traditionally a month where I suddenly have a lot of empty spaces in my agenda. Even though it was full at first, everyone still remembers vividly what it was like at the end of the year, when the inbox needed to be cleaned before leaving for the holidays, the budget needed to be […]


Is your glass half full or half empty?

In my late teenage years I used to spend a lot of time at the music school. During the music classes I often made cynical remarks. I found those comments funny and it was also sort of my trade mark. But on a certain day my guitar teacher told me in a rather straight way: “Watch […]